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We created this shop since we have always wanted to make art available for everyone. We are aware of the fact that art and its unique beauty is highly important for the development of every human being. That’s why, in our stores, in addition to the original works of the artists cooperating with us, we offer a wide selection of giclée and prints aimed at bringing the beauty of art to the larger audience and thus improving the quality of their daily lives.

In Heart of Art Digital we offer only giclée and digital graphics. The original works, if still available, can be found in Heart of Art Shop.

Giclée is a scan of the artist's physical work, which is then printed on high-quality paper with naturally pigmented ink. Thanks to the best quality materials and possibilities that digital technology gives us now, we can not only guarantee you a perfect color saturation and color durability of the print, but also the reproduction of the brush strokes and specific texture of the original. Limited editions of the giclée are signed by the artist and sent to the buyer along with an official certificate confirming their authenticity and detailed information about the original and specific giclée.

Print on the other hand, although made with the use of equally high quality materials, is a print of a work that has no physical form and its "original" was made digitally. The work is printed with margins, signed, numbered and sent to the Client along with the certificate of authenticity.

Limited editions of our giclée and prints make them gain a significant collector’s value. They can become a great gift for every occasion, an element enriching the interior and, because of its value, raising its prestige. Art in this form is for everyone. Regardless of whether you are an enthusiast of artistic creativity or you just want to share your passion with others, you can buy a work in affordable price that will change your immediate environment for the better.