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  • Agnieszka Pacewicz

    Agnieszka Pacewicz

    If not us, then who? If not today, then when? We can have the world at our feet if we want it! Positive emotions and bright, intense colours are the main characteristics of Agnieszka Pacewicz’s artworks.


    32 products
  • Daria Alicja Ostrowska

    Daria Alicja Ostrowska

    When I close my eyes, I can finally meet myself. For a little while, I can freely feel and think everything, without exceptions. You can’t live in harmony with the world if you are not able to find it in yourself, understand your emotions, feel your own breaths.


    8 products
  • Grzegorz Radziewicz

    Grzegorz Radziewicz

    Is it all still real or are we dreaming yet? How far are we from the moment in which we are present right now? Imagination and analysis of even the most fleeting thoughts of our boundless brain are the basis of unique Radziewicz’s art.


    17 products
  • Magdalena Limbach

    Magdalena Limbach

    I was left hanging in the space, somewhere between what is real and what I’m not meant to understand. I drift on the edge of sleep and reality, feeling the colours vibrate around me and I’m slowly drowning in my own thoughts, searching for the best way to get to know myself.


    18 products
  • Paulina Durajczyk

    Paulina Durajczyk

    Sometimes it would be best to run somewhere far away, to all these places beyond our reach. To the places that vibrate with warmth and harmony, and where our thoughts can freely wander wherever they want. How far will you let them go?


    5 products