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Grzegorz Radziewicz

Is it all still real or are we dreaming yet? How far are we from the moment in which we are present right now? Imagination and analysis of even the most fleeting thoughts of our boundless brain are the basis of unique Radziewicz’s art.


The artist born in 1976 in Białystok explores the recesses of his mind and memory in his artworks, always looking, however, to a distant and unpredictable future. He gradually, but with the stunning effects, shows the observer the path followed by each thought in the creative process, to finally be able to present them, after combining all of the details, precision and the softness of colour, with the new, inimitable reality. Radziewicz’s art is a true feast for the senses, long journey into the unknown and filled with colours and melancholy time that could just last and last… forever.

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