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Agnieszka Pacewicz

If not us, then who? If not today, then when? We can have the world at our feet if we want it! Positive emotions and bright, intense colours are the main characteristics of Agnieszka Pacewicz’s artworks.


The artist born in 1990 in Białystok is a young graphic designer with great potential and myriad of original ideas. The ubiquitous ghost of body positivity and Girl Power idea is highlighted in her art with thousands of bright colours! The women she creates are confident and comfortable in their worlds, ready to show themselves to the world in all their glory. Agnieszka Pacewicz has infinite amounts of infectious humour, artistic potential and the ability to distance herself which can be easily sensed in conversations with her. She is an artist from head to toe and she loves what she is doing, giving her best while designing her graphics.

"Balance" (print)

Artist: Agnieszka Pacewicz

You'll find both the light and the darkness in life. But you are the one to decide where the happy medium is.
Price $ 110.00

"Lily" (print)

Artist: Agnieszka Pacewicz

The world is full of toads, but you won't meet beautiful people if you keep hiding in the lilies.
Price $ 140.00