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Daria Alicja Ostrowska

When I close my eyes, I can finally meet myself. For a little while, I can freely feel and think everything, without exceptions. You can’t live in harmony with the world if you are not able to find it in yourself, understand your emotions, feel your own breaths.


The artist born in 1986 in Białystok focuses her work on human emotions that are embodied in her canvases by the graceful and mysterious women. One can’t walk insensibly past those mystical creatures with usually closed eyes that seem to be constantly dreaming about their different, intimate world. The women in Daria Ostrowska’s works are always in the spotlight; they are the way to express every feeling one is able to feel: from pain, through sadness, to pure happiness. The rare cold colour scheme adds up to their mystery, attracts and intrigues the observer until they themselves become a part of the magical world the artist has created for herself.

"Adsushka" (giclée)

Artist: Daria Alicja Ostrowska

There is nothing harder than saying goodbye. The awareness that yesterday we had it all but the world looks different today.
Price $ 125.00

"Be Brave" (giclée)

Artist: Daria Alicja Ostrowska

Everything in life starts from being brave. From being this colourful dot in the white ocean of our undefined world.
Price $ 125.00

"Turtledoves" (giclée)

Artist: Daria Alicja Ostrowska

Relationships with people are complicated. We don't always walk the same paths. We don't always look in the same direction.
Price $ 240.00

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